Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure, are my funds safe?

Yes, It’s absolutely safe and you can cancel leasing at any time. Safety of your funds is actually guaranteed by Waves Platform LPOS algorithm, which means you do not transfer your Waves, you just make it possible for pospool to use them for mining process. Your Waves stay in your Waves wallet, they are just being locked during leasing period!

How to lease waves and start mining ?

If you use Desktop version or Lite app of Waves wallet please open Leasing tab, put greenvikingnode as Recipient and enter the amount. Then make a transaction by pressing the LEASE button and prepare to Ride On Waves!

How much will I earn ?

As in others POS algorithms, node profit depends on luck and balance. So, it is hard to say how much you will earn, but one thing for sure, your earnings will depend on the amount of leased Waves.

What is the easiest way to start?

Green Viking Lite Cabinet it is simple and safe way to start.